About Me

My name is Erica Griffin, I'm the owner and photographic artist of Captivated Impressions. We provide a creative alley for our clients to walk down, fearlessly and stress-free. The studio atmosphere is calm, chill, relaxed, and has a positive vibe. I'm a down to earth artist that wants to get to know my client, how they feel, what their thoughts are, what direction they want to take, then intertwine my artistic approach during the shoot and in the editing process. 

Angles, colors, textures, good vibes, are what help build my creative thought. Being able to turn an empty space into a canvas is what I'm into. I think, draw, plan, then capture my vision and create a dreamy image that will turn heads. I like to explore the unknown, push the artistic vision I have into the space of creativity. Loving every moment of it, loving the reaction of my viewers even more. I sometimes feel like if I haven't made you wonder why I did that shot then I'm not focused enough.

We make a connection, I ask questions, we talk about the vision, decide a date and time, then you make a deposit. I create and send a mood board of different styles and colors, scout the areas that were chosen, or if in the studio, I'll design a scheme. It's your session day, the moment you enter the studio your playlist is playing, refreshments are served. You have a designated closed-off space to feel comfortable while you change wardrobes. Take your time and feel your mood and remember ART ISN"T RUSHED. During the session, we share conversation and I guide you through posing, making you feel uplifted and mentally ready to give your all to your vision. After the session takes place the editing begins, turn around time depending on the project would take 7 to 14 days. Even after the finished project is delivered I encourage us to stay in contact with one another, building a relationship is a very beautiful part of making more memories get captivated.

The Experience